Rules for Taekwondo Dojang & Student

1]. Students must obey and respect their Instructors, Parents, Teachers and Senior Ranks. They should bow and greet the Masters and Instructors whenever, wherever they meet. Masters and Instructors must be addressed by their First name (e.g. Master Gurunath...etc.). When you have a conversation with them, you should address "Sir" or "Madam" at the end of each sentence.

2]. Please arrive on time or earlier to stretch in order to prevent injury. Late arrival students should wait at the entrance and will be asking to do their stretching before joining the class.

3]. Wear a clean and tidy uniform before entering the dojang. Students should tie up their long hair or use a headband for medium long hair.

4]. Bow to the Dojang Place, then instructors according their ranking when entering and exiting the dojang.

5]. Students should not enter or leave the class without obtaining permission from Masters or Instructors.

6]. To show respect and considering the safety of the class, during the class, parents and others should stay in the viewing area and should not enter the dojang unless you are invited by an instructor. If you have any question, our instructors will be available to assist you.

7]. Line up according the ranking from the right to the left and the front row to the back. Late arrival, not complete or without a proper uniform should line up to the back whatever their ranking.

8]. No shoes except the Taekwondo training shoes are allowed in the dojang.

9]. To prevent injuries, jewelleries and watches are not to be worn during training. Finger and toe nails should be kept short. Students with long nails are not allowed to participate any sparring or target training.

10]. Food, alcohol, tobacco, chewing gum, loud conversation, negative behavior and foul language are strictly prohibited in the dojang.

11]. Seniors must behave and set a good example for the juniors.

12]. Students should always practice at home and try to memorize their patterns before they come to the class. Considering the progress of the class, a special training group in the class will be available to assist the students who had any difficulty for memorizing their patterns.

13]. Try not to miss any class as our curriculums are very tight. If you miss any class, please ask your instructors and classmates to catch up what you have missed.

14]. Instructors will notice the students if we are going to practice sparring in the next class. Students without proper protectors are not allowed to do any sparring.

16]. Students are allowed to use Taekwondo for defensive purposes but never be offensive.

17]. Students should be polite, honest and humble and always observe the tenets of Taekwondo.

18]. I, the under signed, solemnly declare that the particular filed in by me are correct and I declare that I will not Misuse the Arts of TAEKWONDO on PROVOCATIONS (Except for my self-defense) and Import Taekwondo Training to any one with out prior written Permission of the Director/Chief Coach.

19]. I agree/promise to abide by the discipline, direction, terms & Conditions/Rules & Regulations of the ASSOCIATION / FEDERATION. Failing which (In case of violation) I will be liable for expulsion without Assigning any reason / Intimation Whatsoever.

20]. In case of Injuries/accidents sustained by me during the training/ grading/ demonstration/ competition Period, I will not Hold ASSOCIATION/FEDERATION or its INSTRUCTIONS/COACHES or Staff wholly or partially Responsible in any way.

21]. I will always respect, obey and follow the instructions of my instructor and seniors.

22]. I will pay my training fees and other charges well in time.

23]. I agreed that In the case of, if any candidate included their family members, misbehave with the with any official and with any player, then strictly that candidate‘s name will be strictly cutoff from enrolment.

24]. Fight is not allowed without Taekwondo kit.

25]. In default, all my TAEKWONDO QUALIFICATIONS AWARDS shall IPSO-FACTO become cancelled as Annulled and the ASSOCIATION/ FEDERATION shall be at liability to get its decision executed.

26]. I will wear respective Taekwondo Uniform before entering in Arena.

27]. I agreed that Registration Fee and Admission Fee are non-refundable in any case. Declaration: I, the undersigned do Hereby solemnly affirm, declare & confirm that the aforesaid named is Now the benefited member of this Association /Federation. I agree that Association/ Federation / Organization / Sponsor / related School and its members shall not be Responsible for any injuries, Accident, Damages etc. whatsoever holding each individual personally responsible, weaving all probative right. I shall abide the rules & regulations, directions, instructions etc. Formulated in th regard and shall be Equally Responsible for the sanction if found otherwise.